Transformative Rest – 12 week 1:1 programme

“Self-care is giving the world the best of you instead of what is left of you”

Transformative Rest is a 12 week 1:1 yoga and coaching programme for women in frontline work who experience stress, overwhelm or burnout.

In this programme we will explore different practices that can support you with stress release in a sustainable way that works for you.

Helping you to move from constantly feeling tired and running on empty to feeling more empowered, well rested and joyful again.

Do you feel drained, tired and overwhelmed?

Do you notice yourself feeling more emotionally exhausted, anxious and lacking energy and motivation?

This 1:1 coaching and yoga programme is designed to help you take steps towards feeling more rested, resilient, and empowered again.

We will explore how deep rest, a trauma-informed yoga approach and embodied listening can support you with experiencing stress, overwhelm and burnout

“Loved my 1:1. Made me realise the importance of making time for myself even if I’m feeling stressed and short of time. Felt so much better afterwards.”
– 1:1 yoga participant

Would you like to…

  • feel more at ease
  • sleep better
  • feel well rested and rejuvenated
  • have more motivation and natural energy
  • enjoy your free time again
  • focus better and be more present
  • feel more resilient and empowered

Supporting others is rewarding work but having worked as a frontline worker and experiencing burnout myself, I understand that the support environment often comes alongside emotional and physical challenges in addition to other stressful events in your private life or world events.

This can lead to stress building up over time and it’s not surprising that you might feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

You might experience:

  • Struggling to switch off
  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed
  • Struggling to sleep
  • Having less energy and constantly feeling tired and exhausted
  • Not being able to focus
  • Physical tension from ongoing stress
  • Worrying more, feeling more anxious and maybe feeling more irritable
  • Not having the capacity to care as much anymore
  • Withdrawing more in your free time
  • Not enjoying the things anymore that you used to

Maybe it resonates with you, putting your own needs last, high demands leaving you still working in the evening at home, struggling to switch off, waking up during the night worrying about work and emotional challenging situations affecting your personal life – leaving you feeling drained and exhausted, like you are running on empty, no matter how much you love what you do.

From my own experience but also from working with other frontline workers I understand that switching off can be difficult and meditation, mindfulness and rest doesn’t always come easy.

Yet when you are supporting others it’s essential that you make space for your own self-care and to have practices that help you recharge and support our mental wellbeing without adding more stress or overwhelm.

Slow down to listen and hold space for your own needs and approach yourself with the same kindness that you give to others.

Experience deep rest and create nurturing, flexible self-care practices to support yourself in a sustainable way without adding extra overwhelm.

Understand yourself and your needs better and bring practices into your routine to help regulate your nervous system.

“I had a 1:1 zoom session with Fabi and absolutely loved it – I got so ‘in the zone’ of just relaxing and enjoying the session that I kind of forgot she was there live, so to speak! I picked up some helpful tips on being aware of when I’m feeling stressed and what I can do to manage that and felt content and happy when we were finished. Fabi has a lovely relaxed and soothing way of teaching. Really enjoyable session and highly recommended. Thank you Fabi!”
– 1:1 yoga participant

In the Transformative Rest programme we will explore:

  • Simple practices for Nervous system regulation that don’t take up much time and can support you throughout the day to soothe stress, overwhelm and anxiety
  • Restorative yoga to invite deep nurturing rest and support better sleep so that you feel fully restored
  • Gentle movement to ease physical tension and help unwind and settle down
  • Implementing self-compassion and inner trust to help deal with daily pressure
  • Compassionate listening to reconnect to your own needs and take empowered steps towards meeting your needs
  • Practical tips and strategies to integrate practices into your life, create self-care toolbox and a flexible, sustainable self-care routine that works for you and your life

Providing the space and tools to ease stress, overwhelm and burnout, so that you can sleep better, feel more rested and that you can fully enjoy your free time again with natural energy!

Sessions will include a variety of practices according to your needs:

Coaching, gentle movement and accessible yoga postures, embodied listening, grounding techniques, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, restorative yoga, breathwork and other guided relaxation practices with a trauma-informed approach.

Offering a mixture of practices that allow for a very flexible and sustainable approach to self-care in a way that works for you and your life.

My approach:

I offer a gentle and nurturing approach and create space for you to slow down, unwind and rest with self-compassion at the centre. I bring together a variety of practices around Nervous system regulation, Restorative yoga, Embodied listening and Mindfulness – all with a trauma sensitive approach to help build inner resilience.

From my own experience of working as a frontline worker and experiencing burnout and from working with other frontline workers, I know how important it is to bring practices into your life that help you feel grounded, support you on a daily basis and help you rest and recharge when supporting others.

We are all different and have different needs, circumstances, past experiences and lifestyles. That’s why it is so important to slow down and connect to your individual needs, so you can take empowered and compassionate steps to support yourself.

It’s great to have practices that can support you – but do they fit into your life, do they work for you, your needs and your circumstances?

Due to the nature of the role, you might struggle with time or to keep a regular routine and going to regular yoga (or other self-care) classes. That’s why we look at a flexible approach to self-care – offering two sets of practices:

  • Practices that can help you unwind and settle down after work when you might have a bit more time
  • Shorter practices, that don’t take up much time and can support you throughout the day

In the 1:1 session we will explore different simple practices, that work for you, according to your needs but I also share tips on how to integrate practices into your life and start a new sustainable routine without adding more stress and overwhelm.

This programme brings together my own experience of working as a frontline worker, experiencing burnout and trauma-informed, embodied yoga practices, restorative yoga and nervous system regulation tools, so that you feel deeply rested as well as equipped to deal with daily stressors and challenges.

Take gentle steps to go from feeling stressed and burnt out to feeling more rested, present, and motivated again.

Support your own mental wellbeing and reconnect to your needs through embodied rest and self-care.

Learn simple & sustainable self-care practices and create a tailored self-care toolbox, so you can better support yourself and those around you.

Bring deeply restful yoga practices into your life with a focus on slowing down and self-compassion.

What to expect:

  • We will work together for 6 x 1:1 sessions via Zoom – We meet fortnightly spread out over 3 months
  • Your initial session will be 75min. followed by 5x 60min. session
  • You will receive a Self-stress assessment prior to our first session
  • The 1:1 sessions will offer a mixture of coaching and yoga according to your individual needs – focusing on deep rest and on building gentle steps towards supporting yourself in a sustainable way
  • You will receive on demand practices in between sessions, depending on your needs – such as meditations, practices for Nervous system regulation, breathwork, gentle movement and guided relaxations to integrate into your week
  • You will receive email support from me with practices, inspiration and support as well as weekly check-ins


  • Welcome gift package send to your home to start your wellbeing journey
  • Access to on demand 4 week Yoga for Stress release and Self-care course sessions (Worth £65)

“I have recently made changes in my life that have made me extremely busy and making it hard to wind down. Without fail, yoga for rest leaves me feeling calm and in control. Fabienne is such a gentle teacher and I never feel any pressure to perform or push myself; I simply feel able to take the time for myself and at my own pace. This is invaluable to me, and I look forward to this release each week. Thank you Fabi”
– Class participant

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Transformative Rest: 12 week programme – Full payment: £360

Transformative Rest: 12 week programme – 3 Instalments of £120

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My expertise:

I’m a registered 200hr Yoga teacher with a background in Social Work and frontline work plus various further training around trauma, restorative yoga and wellbeing. You can find out more here.

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