Inner Calm – 1:1 programme for female business owners

Inner Calm

Inner Calm is a 1:1 somatic coaching programme for sensitive women who run their own business and are tired of constantly pushing and doing all the things and instead would like to find a sustainable way of supporting their mental and emotional wellbeing whilst running their business.

Within the programme we will explore how you can feel more at ease, calmer, grounded and connected to your own needs when running your business through sustainable self-care practices as well as putting systems in place that can support you with easing overwhelm, so that you can continue sharing your passion with others from a place of overflow instead of depletion.

We will take time to understand what’s causing you overwhelm, what empowered steps you can take to support your wellbeing and how you can make your own self-care a priority again.

Brining together different nurturing and empowering practices with a trauma-informed approach according to your needs – such as somatic coaching, embodied listening, mindset work, practices for Nervous system regulation.

These practices can support you move from feeling overwhelmed, anxious stress or burnt-out to experiencing a calmer mind, feeling more at ease, rested, connected and grounded. So that you can run your business from a grounded, connected and Nervous system supportive space.

We build a self-care tool-box with practices and approaches that can support you daily, so that you feel more empowered to take steps everyday to support you emotional and mental wellbeing in a sustainable way that works for you, your life and your needs.

“Loved my 1:1. Made me realise the importance of making time for myself even if I’m feeling stressed and short of time. Felt so much better afterwards.”
– 1:1 yoga participant

Would you like to….

  • Reconnect to the joy of running your business and the passion of sharing what you love
  • Be more present in your personal relationships as well as at work
  • Run your business from a more grounded, connected space with ease instead of overwhelm and constantly pushing
  • Sleep better and being able to switch off and having more natural energy
  • Put your own needs and your own self-care first whilst running your business

Together we will explore how you can feel….

  • Inner sense of calm and more at ease each day instead of overwhelmed and anxious
  • More joyful and motivated
  • Fully rested and recharged
  • More empowered about your own self-care and connected to your own needs
  • More creative, open and curious again

I am Fabi and I am a Somatic Coach in training, with further training as a Trauma-informed Yoga teacher, Restorative Yoga teacher, Social Work and further modalities.

Your own emotional and mental wellbeing is the most important thing in your business. But I know it can be difficult making your own wellbeing a priority.

I know what it’s like going through the ups and downs of running your own business and that’s why I love sharing this support through coaching and practices that can help you feel more grounded, at ease and steady as well as hold space for your own needs.

You probably got into running your own business because you love what you do and you want to share it with others. But maybe throughout this journey you started to feel disconnected at some point, experiencing more and more overwhelm, racing mind, struggling to switch off and feeling more anxious.

I really get it and it can be an emotional rollercoaster – with extreme ups and downs.

There is always more to do, more to learn, more to create or more to sort out. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and ultimately forget about your own needs and self-care.

You might notice the overwhelm of constant demands, uncertainty and inner pressure and might quickly find yourself going through the burnout cycles. Pushing through for a while until everything gets too much and you just want to withdraw, feeling disconnected and exhausted. Then taking a short break until you feel a bit better but then starting over….pushing again until it gets too much. Constantly going through the extreme ups and downs.

Maybe you tried out all the latest self-care advice and read all the self-development books – getting up even earlier, only drinking smoothies, working out everyday, affirmations – (there is so much advice out there) and some things work for a while but often don’t last, or maybe they don’t actually make you feel better.

Maybe you like to find a different way of supporting yourself….without having to put that “mask” of positivity on, but embracing how you are and your daily experiences, and finding a more sustainable way to support your emotional and mental wellbeing, to run your business with more ease.

Maybe you are tired of constantly pushing, feeling tried and exhausted.

You want to enjoy running your business again – from overflow, not depletion – feeling grounded, with inner calm and being able to grow again, to thrive, to enjoy your work, be more creative and share your passion.

You know this is the right path for you but your mental and emotional wellbeing is suffering.

Supporting your own wellbeing when running a business is so important. And it’s about finding what works for you, according to your needs, lifestyle and goals – making your own self-care a priority, so that you can continue doing what you love.

“I had a 1:1 zoom session with Fabi and absolutely loved it – I got so ‘in the zone’ of just relaxing and enjoying the session that I kind of forgot she was there live, so to speak! I picked up some helpful tips on being aware of when I’m feeling stressed and what I can do to manage that and felt content and happy when we were finished. Fabi has a lovely relaxed and soothing way of teaching. Really enjoyable session and highly recommended. Thank you Fabi!”
– 1:1 yoga participant

In the 1:1 sessions I provide space for you to explore what is going on for you at the moment, to slow down and to listen to your own needs as well as learn practices to take empowered steps towards supporting yourself.

In the Inner Calm 1:1 programme we will explore:

  • Somatic Coaching to focus on your inner experience and take embodied steps towards supporting yourself.
  • Simple practices for Nervous system regulation that can support you throughout the day to soothe stress, overwhelm and anxiety
  • Restorative yoga practices in-between coaching sessions to invite deep nurturing rest so that you feel fully restored
  • Implementing self-compassion and inner trust to help deal with daily pressure
  • Compassionate listening to reconnect to your own needs and take empowered steps towards meeting your needs
  • Practical tips and strategies to integrate practices into your life, create a self-care toolbox and a flexible, sustainable self-care routine that works for you and your life
  • Putting the right systems in place that can help you ease overwhelm and feel more organised

Sessions will include a variety of somatic coaching practices according to your needs:

Coaching, somatic movement, embodied listening, grounding techniques, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, restorative yoga postures, mindset work, breathwork and other guided relaxation practices with a trauma-informed approach.

My approach:

I offer a gentle and nurturing trauma-informed somatic coaching approach. I create space for you to slow down and reconnect to your own needs with self-compassion at the centre. I bring together a variety of practices around Nervous system regulation, Restorative yoga, Embodied listening and Mindfulness – all with a trauma sensitive approach to help build inner resilience.

We are all different and have different needs, circumstances, past experiences and lifestyles. That’s why it is so important to slow down and connect to your individual needs, so you can take empowered and compassionate steps to support yourself.

In the 1:1 session we will explore how to integrate more self-care and simple practices into your life, in a sustainable way that supports your needs, so that you feel more inner calm again and can thrive in your business and personal life again.

What to expect:

  • We will work together for 8 x 1:1 sessions via Zoom – with weekly or fortnightly sessions (all sessions need to be used within 18 weeks)
  • Your initial session will be 75min. followed by 7x 60min. session
  • In the 1:1 somatic coaching sessions we focus on building inner connection, Nervous-system regulation and building gentle steps towards supporting yourself in a sustainable way
  • You will receive on demand practices in between sessions, depending on your needs – such as meditations, practices for Nervous system regulation, breathwork, guided relaxations to integrate into your week
  • You will receive email support from me with practices, inspiration and support as well as weekly check-ins


  • Welcome gift package send to your home to start your wellbeing journey
  • Access to “Soothe your Nervous system” workshop (live or recording
  • Access to join monthly online Nurturing Rest workshop for duration of our work together (min. of 2 session – to be access during work together)

“I have recently made changes in my life that have made me extremely busy and making it hard to wind down. Without fail, yoga for rest leaves me feeling calm and in control. Fabienne is such a gentle teacher and I never feel any pressure to perform or push myself; I simply feel able to take the time for myself and at my own pace. This is invaluable to me, and I look forward to this release each week. Thank you Fabi”
– Class participant

Book your free 30min. Call

Schedule a free initial call with me to talk about your needs and any questions you might have – no obligation.

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Inner Calm: Full payment: £440

Inner Calm: 4 Instalments of £110

Prior to booking please schedule a free 30min. Consultation Call
Extended instalment plans are available – please contact me to arrange

My expertise:

I’m a Somatic Coach in training, as well as a registered 200hr Yoga teacher with a background in Social Work and frontline work plus various further training around trauma, restorative yoga and wellbeing. You can find out more here.

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