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Caring for your needs – Free yoga practice

Supporting other can be very rewarding work but it can also leave you feeling tired and exhausted – running on empty.

That’s why I wanted to share this short and gentle yoga practice “Caring for your needs” to take some time out for your own wellbeing and find some rest.

Download the free 20min. practice

3 practices for Nervous system regulation

Access 3 short videos with different tools to support stress management and self-care.

Download the free guided practice

YouTube Channel – Free mini trainings and practices

Find different resources around stress management, wellbeing, Nervous system regulation and more.

Offering mini trainings on different topics plus yoga practices, guided relaxations, meditations and more.

Some of the current mini trainings

Interview with Aneta Idczak – Trauma informed yoga

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Aneta Idczak after graduating her training “Trauma-informed yoga and Embodied resilience (TREY) teacher training and mentoring”

We talk about my own journey as a yoga practitioner and teacher, my work supporting frontline workers, the importance of language and psychoeducation when teaching, and how our course impacted my work.

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Free facebook group “Embodied Rest & Self-care for women”

Offering a space for women who want to slow down and reconnect to their own needs.

This is a supportive community to slow down, reconnect to yourself and your own needs and support your mental wellbeing.

I will be sharing resources and tools around stress release, mental wellbeing, mindfulness, self-care and much more to support you to reconnect to yourself and your needs in an embodied way.

Offering resources to bring more rest into your life and make your own self-care a priority.

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