Yoga that works for you

I often get moments where I can’t believe that I get to be a yoga teacher…it was definitely never part of what I thought I would be doing but I am so grateful for it.

Especially, as I’ve never been super into working out, exercising etc. – yes, I always liked going for a walk (and dance) but that was about it. And honestly – if given the choice, I still rather lay on the sofa than workout. This feels difficult to share as a yoga teacher, as what you see online seems like you need to be super into fitness to do yoga. I thought so myself, and tried to squeeze myself into that picture. But it’s just not me and I think a lot of the ways that yoga is shown online can be very off putting and you might think…”I’m not really into fitness so yoga isn’t for me.” That’s why I am sharing my own experience as it doesn’t have to be that way. My yoga practice offers me much needed time and space to slow down and rest.

I got into yoga and still stick with it because it helps my mental wellbeing, it helps me unwind when I am stressed, it helps me feel more like my self again when I feel overwhelmed, it helps me take off daily pressure and deal with daily stressors, and it helps me approach myself with more self-compassion and connect to my own needs.

I like how a gentle yoga practices can support me on a daily basis- sometimes that means a little bit of movement, some days just resting in restorative poses, other days it’s just checking in to see how I am and maybe doing some simple breathing practices. Yoga doesn’t have to be fancy poses and long practices. It can be whatever it is that you need. And this will be different for all of us. The important thing is that it works for you and your needs.

For me this includes gentle movement, lots of rest (restorative yoga), somatic movement, breathwork – all in an accessible, trauma-informed way – and this is also what I share in classes and 1:1s.

If you have a busy schedule, long practices might just be too overwhelming – so shorter practices might be more useful. If you already feel exhausted and tired, a long workout might not be right for you, but rather some time to slow down and rest.

I know from my own experience how difficult it can be to get yourself to a class every week, or even role out your mat at home – it can be so challenging after a long day when you are tired, even though you know it might be good for you.

So, now, instead of focusing on what I think I “should” be doing, I have a much more flexible approach to yoga and self-care – I connect to my own needs, see what’s possible for me each day/ week and what it is that I need according to my needs, my own schedule and circumstances.

That’s why I love bringing some coaching into my 4months 1:1 programme for burnout and compassion fatigue. It’s well and good to have practices that can support you – but do they fit into your life, do they work for you, your needs and your circumstances? In the 1:1 session we explore different practices, that work for you, according to your needs but I also share tips on how to integrate practices into your life and start a new sustainable routine that works for you.

If you are curious about how the 1:1 programme could benefit you, you can find out more via the link below – I invite you to schedule a free 30min. call with me (or message me) where we can have a chat about what support you are looking for. – Currently offering a introductory price plus bonuses for the programme until the end of November.

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