My yoga and self-care journey and approach

I first got into yoga when I was in Uni and it was one of the only practices that every stuck with me – straight from the beginning it seemed like more than just another exercise. After each session I noticed a huge difference to my mental wellbeing – helping me ease anxiety as well as low mood – leaving each session feeling like I’m in a bubble.

I got more curious about the practice and eventually completed my Yoga teacher training after moving to the UK. When I look back at my first “messages” as a yoga teacher, it has always been about slowing down and making space for your needs – to create a space where you are accepted just the way you are – and I still bring this into my classes now.

However, when I was working as a frontline worker I experienced burnout and compassion fatigue and got disconnected from my yoga practice. What helped me before didn’t feel as safe anymore/ made me feel more anxious.

Over the years I got to learn more about Restorative yoga and Trauma-informed yoga.

I got to experience myself the benefits of deep rest through restorative yoga as well as being supported through a wholesome approach through trauma-informed yoga. This changed a lot for me – for my own personal yoga practice as well as what I teach.

What I teach in my yoga offerings is much less about the postures we take but more about your own experience – inviting you to listen to your own body – slowly easing into rest – taking off daily pressure – making space for your own needs – experiencing deep rest.

Influenced by my own experience, I especially love providing this approach to other frontline workers/ people who support others- to ease stress, overwhelm as well as burnout and compassion fatigue – to make space for their own needs and support mental wellbeing. Not just through guided practices but also a very practical approach of brining practices to support you into your everyday life.

If you are curious about my offerings or resonate with this approach, you can find out more about my classes, courses and 1:1 work here:

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