Creating a selfcare routine that works for you!

There are many tips and ideas out there on how to improve your wellbeing and selfcare routine. I also love sharing those ideas as well as reading about them. But at the end of the day that’s all they are – tips and ideas! We get this picture of what selfcare should look like (the image of a person doing yoga, meditating comes to mind). We are all unique with different needs and different lives. What works for me might not work for you. And in addition, selfcare will look different most days!

One day it might be going for a walk or working out, another day it might be watching a Netflix movie and having a lazy day with lots of tasty snacks. Some days you might be to busy to do anything apart from taking one deep breath and other days, you have a lovely spa day. It all comes down to finding a balance that works for you.
As much as I love yoga and meditation, I don’t think it is the right solution for everyone and especially not for every day. If you are worked up from a super stressful, emotional day sitting in silence might not be the right choice – you might rather choose to go for a run or meet up with friends.

Also consider, what I enjoy doing might be the worst possible activity for you! If selfcare means to you going on roller coasters and having a fun time – go for it! However, to me, roller coasters are the most stressful activity and wouldn’t bring me any joy. On the other hand, I love doing creative stuff at home but that is anything but relaxing for many people I know.

I think you understand what I am trying to get at – You need to figure out what works for you and your lifestyle! Don’t compare yourself to what you see other people doing for their selfcare routine.

I think a good way to go about it is to make a list of things that you find enjoyable and that bring you relaxation (I am talking about positive activities that bring long-term happiness and don’t have any negative long-term effects). It could be a good ideas to try out new things and see how you like them! Each day try to incorporate something out of the list – some days you won’t manage to do any of it – and the best selfcare tip then is to just be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself up about it! You are doing your best each day. And if you miss some days you can catch up on other days. This also includes finding a time that works for you – sometimes that will be in the morning, sometimes in the evening – it really doesn’t matter as long as it makes you happy.
This way you will create a selfcare routine that actually works for you and you are much more likely to stick to it.

What does selfcare mean to you? Please share in the comments 😊

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