Being a highly sensitive person

What is a highly sensitive person?

I wanted to give you a short overview of what being a Highly sensitive person (HSP) means. There are many articles out there and one of the main books about it is “The highly sensitive person” by psychologist Elaine Aron.

About 15-20% of the population are thought to be highly sensitive. It is a trait which makes you perceive information differently. Highly sensitive people tend to have stronger reactions to internal and external stimuli and often have a deep internal world. Like any trait being highly sensitive has many aspects.

Some of the traits of HSPs are:

– vivid dreams
– deep internal world
– overwhelm quickly
– need a lot of alone time to recharge
– sensitive to loud sounds, bright lights
– empathetic
– deep emotional response to arts and music
– take on other people’s emotions

HSPs take in a lot more information around them and process them deeply. The Nervous system of a HSP processes subtle details that others tend to miss. Receiving too much external or internal input is overstimulating and exhausting for a highly sensitive person. Therefore, they tend to need a lot of quiet time to recharge and reflect.

I will be talking about being a highly sensitive person, my own experiences and self care tips a lot more in further blog posts.

Do you resonate with the traits mentioned above?

There is a short online test you can do to see if you are a highly sensitive person (not my test). Just follow the link below.

Fabi xxx

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