Stress vs. Rest

It is easy to think that Stress is the bad guy and Rest is all great!

But I’m here to tell you that stress isn’t all negative. We need stress to grow!
We naturally love being in our comfort zones, it’s a nice place to be – it feels safe and protected.

As the saying goes: “The comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

We need to leave our comfort zone to grow – to overcome fears and live our best life.

That is where we need stress! Without stress we would not grow. Stress helps us to adopt, become more resilient and stronger.

We need to change our thinking around stress – if we accept it as something necessary in our life, we can see it as an opportunity to grow and it seems much less scary and overwhelming.

Having said that, when stress becomes too much – it becomes chronic and is definitely not good for your health anymore.

This is when Rest comes into it. We need to give enough attention to rest. Rest helps our body to recover and heal. If we don’t take time to rest, then we will quickly get overwhelmed.
Our society unfortunately does not give rest as much importance as being stressed and productive. But without rest you will not be able to function.

You might see yourself on either end of the spectrum – maybe you are someone who is always stressed, always pushing yourself – or you like to stick to your comfort zone, stay safe and protected.

It is important that we find a balance of both – too much of either isn’t good for our wellbeing. Integrating a balance of stress and rest in your life, however, will help you grow in a healthy way.

Fabi xxx

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