Tuning in

I become quite and listen to the inner voice within

silently whispering my true calling


This is a special and challenging time and I have taken it as an opportunity to tune in to my body and mind
– if we can’t go out, let’s go inwards.

Sociology is something I am very interested in – the way we are socialised and influenced by the society we grow up in. From the beginning we are told by society and by our families, who we are and how we should behave, what our dreams are, were we belong in this world. And most likely we will live our life exactly like that – pleasing everyone but ourselves. When growing up we often don’t get the chance to find out who we are and what we truly want. Maybe this time will come as a teenager – “the rebellious time”. But even then, we are still constantly influenced by society.
Personally, I never had a rebellious teenager time – my path until today is still very much influenced by the way I was brought up – I always and still do want to please everyone. However, this doesn’t work. Everyone else might end up happy but not myself.

Only now am I slowly unlearning what I’ve been taught my whole live. Releasing the old and starting to learn again – this time on my own terms. Confirming what I actually believe in – sometimes that means confirming what I have been thought but I made my own experience to validate this belief as true. But the majority of times this means for me to get rid of old believes.

I’ve been brought up very anxiously – always pointing out to the dangers. This stopped me from exploring things by myself, making my own experiences and rather ending up being afraid of everything. For a long time, I believed that’s who I am – an anxious person, afraid of everything. But it turns out these are just taught believes and I can release them. Taking charge of my live again.

Other believes I took on are:
I am shy
I always have to be nice in order for other people to like me
It’s my job to make others happy
Agree with others to keep them happy – keep my own voice down
If I express my own negative emotions I am not a good person anymore
The world is dangerous

And many more…
maybe some of these resonate with you and maybe you can uncover some of your own old believe systems.

In order to feel more aligned with who we are we need to rid ourselves of these old believes and make space for our own new believes.

It’s a long process and requires a lot of work, really going deep within to unravel those old thinking patterns.

These following things helped me:

counselling!!! (so, so helpful! It’s okay to get help!)
trial and error! (try out new activities, go out of your comfort zone and see what happens)

Also, side note – this does not mean that your whole childhood was bad! I had the most amazing childhood and I know my parents raised me to the best of their knowledge doing everything for me. But in order to become who we truly are we have to go through this process of releasing the old. Continuing with these old believes stops us from stepping into the divine being that we are. The outside noise is too loud to hear who we really are. Unless we stop, start questioning and listening – tuning in to our own body and mind. Letting go of old believes, old stories about ourselves and start making our own stories.

Lots of Love xxx

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