I’m Fabi and it’s lovely to have you here!

I am a Yoga teacher and Coach, with a background in Social work and further training around trauma and wellbeing, based in Worthing, UK.

I am passionate about slowing down to support your mental wellbeing and reconnect to your needs. Creating a self-care practice that works for you and supports your individual needs.

I bring my experience into coaching sessions and yoga classes to support you with tools and practices to support your mental wellbeing in a sustainable way.

“wonderful, calm, relaxing, beneficial, therapeutic and positive.”

– Frontline worker – Participant of Yoga for Stress release and Self-care course

How we can work together

Yoga and Coaching sessions are online as well in Worthing, West Sussex

Supporting you with practices that help you rest, recharge, nourish yourself and reconnect with your own needs.

“I cannot recommend Fabienne highly enough. She is so caring and gentle and gives a personal touch to every move. I suffer from anxiety and yet I leave a session calm, relaxed and gently euphoric.”

Yoga for Rest participant

“I absolutely LOVE this class! I’ve never been to anything quite like it – you’re guided to slow down, be still and just relax. It’s perfect for those with a hectic schedule who need to clear their mind. The class has helped me with my anxieties, improved my focus, work on my meditation and has left me feeling ready to take on the world on a weekly basis! I couldn’t recommend Fabi’s class more!”

Teah R. – Yoga fore Rest participant

Blog posts

Yoga that works for you

I often get moments where I can’t believe that I get to be a yoga teacher…it was definitely never part of what I thought I would be doing but I am so grateful for it. Especially, as I’ve never been super into working out, exercising etc. – yes, I always liked going for a walkContinue reading “Yoga that works for you”

Fill your cup -online course Q&A

I wanted to take a moment to answer some questions you might have about the upcoming online course – Fill your cup – Rest Reset. Course dates:10.10.22 – 04.12.12 Curious about joining the course?